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    Studio In Project Euroluce Design Office is directed by Michele Losito, with the collaboration of designer Nunzia Acquaviva. He works closely with both management and the craftsmen on the preparation of projects that satisfy customer expectations and are in line with the latest style trends.The Studio also creates custom designs for specific requirements, taking into account factors such as lighting architecture, ambient, energy saving and automation. It specialises in the development of modular lighting studies customised for large spaces, such as the foyers of large hotels, reception rooms, conference rooms, luxury homes, libraries, museums, churches and residential complexes.

    astral coolors

    The collaboration with different design studios embellishes the ASTRAL collection, which has always been successfully appreciated for its spectacularity and minimalism: COOLORS was born, which, thanks to its exceptional versatility, offers the possibility of customizing the shapes and colors of the lamp to adapt its light to spaces and create new atmospheres.
    Studio In Project


    Astral is the spectacle of the dazzling cosmos with its constellations: the stars, like holes in the sky, let the light of infinity filter through.
    Studio In Project


    Atlas is a versatile table lamp with a small size and a fine and graceful appearance, discreet but at the same time with an incisive and recognizable character.
    Alberto Ghirardello


    Astract was born from the fusion of two elements, with a special enigmatic aspect: solid and textured aluminum contrasts with the delicacy of borosilicate glass to create highly decorative and customizable settings.
    Studio In Project


    The shape is reminiscent of coral islands; The sheen of the crystal, recalls the sparkle of the water warmed by sunlight.
    Studio In Project


    There is a bond, an agreement between man and nature: the former creates something useful and nature begins to play with it, adding highlights and nuances, bringing it harmony.
    Nunzia Acquaviva


    The alchemy of light reveals the facets of Architecture and transposes them into Design. The collection is inspired by the architecture of Castel del Monte, offering a contemporary interpretation of a unique and singular piece of Apulian architectural tradition.
    The octagonal geometry, which is a particular feature of each lamp, reflects and absorbs the fluctuations of light and colour in a room: every face is always different from the other, and each one crystallizes the iridescent colours of the rooms around it.
    Vincenzo Bafunno


    The universe and its energy are fascinating. Mysterious and dark, yet full of lights.
    Michele Losito


    They look like bells floating in the air. A delicate cable suspends the light that flows out of them and spreads from the multitude of colours of the beautiful featherlight shades. Dual combinations that reflect the versatility of the personality.
    Studio In Project


    The disorder of the universe is apparent. The disorder of the elements comes together in sublime harmony. The enchantment and magnificence of creation.
    Michele Losito


    Inspired by the beauty and brightness of the moon. Its circular shape is composed of several circles, reminiscent of the appearance of the lunar eclipse.
    Studio In Project


    Turned iron led holder bushings. Brass connecting bushings. It is possible to request different sizes, number of LEDs and configurations.


    Like sunflowers that never allow themselves to be distracted and always know which way to look.
    Nunzia Acquaviva


    A beam of light, a glimmer that penetrates the perfection of the crystal, casting the splendour of the reflections all around. Seductive and enchanting radiance.
    Studio In Project


    A jumble of elements, a tangle which, thanks to just the right amount of attention, precision and meditation, slowly unravels.
    Nunzia Acquaviva


    Linea is a modular product that can be configured in various ways and in different shapes. Linea is already available in the sizes shown in the drawings. Iron structure and aluminum bushings made on our drawing. Borosilicate tubes in two different diameters: D. 40 and D. 60.


    It is an ethereal wall lamp with a mysterious and elusive nature, a magical portal that leads to another world, just like when Alice crossed the mirror.
    Alberto Ghirardello


    A group of long icicles suspended from the roof of a house crossed by low sunlight that shatters the ice, creating a crystal-clear pattern of light. This fleeting moment is frozen in time and transferred into the space of a home. A thin metal frame creates a reference to nature without distracting too much from the lighting effect created by the glass.
    Daniel Becker


    Nobody is an abstract entity, substance without body: a metal sphere free to move through space. Only a slender and ethereal structure supports it from the ceiling, making it float in mid-air.
    Nobody is also a Homeric reference, a tribute to the cunning of Ulysses who succeeded in escaping from the cave of the one-eyed giant Polyphemus by telling him his name was Nobody: the diffuser of the light fitting can be intended as a single eye to be positioned as desired.
    Alberto Ghirardello


    Simple metal grids house several glass “cut-outs”, creating a real patchwork of transparencies, light and reflections.
    Sovrappensiero studio


    Minimalism that materialises in a line. The basic stroke that substantially characterises the expression.
    Studio In Project

    le perle

    A complex but simple-looking apparatus. Just like a sequence of pearls worn in a precious necklace.
    Alberto Ghirardello


    Being inspired by art means conveying certainty to beauty. A painting inspires, furnishes and illuminates.
    Michele Losito


    Play with colours, mix them as if you were drawing for the first time: the rainbow takes shape.
    Studio In Project


    Shapes in motion, alternating sounds or moments of light and shade, actions and pauses: surprise yourself by thinking when everything seems so linear.
    Michele Losito


    Born from the idea of lightness and sustainability swallow communicates a very precise message:simplicity and attention to detail in respect of modern man,
    environmentally conscious.
    Simone Di Liddo


    An illuminating work of art that seems to float in the air, gives a feeling of gracefulness and harmony.
    Studio In Project


    Aluminum components turned, milled and bent on drawing. Do not hesitate to contact us for any request or different version.
    Daniel Becker


    It’s like hearing Frank Sinatra’s voice in My Way or that of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, in Think.
    Michele Losito


    A perfect fusion of art and tradition. Inspired by Sufi dance, it reproduces the sinuous shape of the rotating dervish, creating a feeling of movement.
    Daniel Becker


    Geometrical figures that chase each other, metal segments that hover in the three dimensions of space, and the edges formed and directions taken by everyday life.
    Nunzia Acquaviva


    Blown Murano glass drops.
    Gocce is proposed as a customizable collection:
    – It is possible to request a “movement version”, with an integrated casambi system, which allows the movement of the lights according to the scenes defined remotely on a smartphone, managed with the application.
    – It is possible to request ad hoc projects, different sizes and configurations.
    – It is possible to request a suspension project with lighting drop elements and non-lighting drop elements. Example Gocce ellipse.

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